Monday, October 18, 2010

Righteous Bandz

Just thought I would share this LINK It's for a really fun new product called Righteous Bandz. It's a spiritual take on the ever popular silly bandz. Why not stand for something when you are trying to stay with the trend. It's a great idea for Primary, Baptism Gifts, Activity Days or anyone that is L.D.S. Check out their website or look for them on Facebook for more information.


  1. thank you for the support Alisa, Righteousbandz is having a 10% off sale for Thanksgiving. Coupon code is "thanksgiving". Bands are $2.70 per package if you apply 10% off to the $11.99 4 package bands deal.

  2. oh, and we offer a coupon code for a free package of bands for blogging. thank you! send an email to if you would like the aforementioned coupon