Saturday, August 7, 2010

Carter is 3!

For his Birthday Breakfast I told Carter he could have whatever he wanted. He asked for Captain Crunch, Scrambled Eggs and a Big Carrot that hasn't been cut.

He had a "Bug" themed Birthday Party. We went on a Bug hunt where we found some neat plastic bugs in the grass.

We helped the caterpillar grow. By playing Pin the spot on the Caterpillar.

We did a Lady Bug Pinata. It wasn't the best combination to have three year olds a well built pinata and a foam bat.

So Carter ended up jumping on the pinata.

The next day we had a family party. Carter almost shares a bithday with his Papa Bob so they shared a cake. We had so much fun having Grandpa's and Grandma's and cousins come help us celebrate Carter's Birthday. He is a great kid and we love him so much.

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