Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mountains, Campfires, Dirt and SMORE'S

You can't call it summer without at least one camping trip up the mountains and a good s'more. We went to the Jensen Family Reunion. Carter thought it was the coolest giant sandbox ever. He loved seeing his family and grandparents and great grandparents.
Carter tasting a freshly toasted marshmallow Abby and her marshmallows
Nanna and Carter. I think Carter still has marshmallow on his face.
Dusty John and Laurie after a four-wheeler trip.Grandpa and Niki headed up to the big tree.
Life's hard.

Bear Lake

Bear lake was such a fun little family get away. We stopped at Hill Air Force Base and checked out all the cool airplanes. Gabby and Carter looking into the airplan.Once we got to Bear Lake and had supper we had to get the Famous Raspberry shakes and Ice Cream Cones for the kido's. This is their version of a kid cone.
This is Super Mable (yeah the tube has a name) but we took Carter and Aiden for a slow ride behind the boat and Carter loved everything except getting off.

Carter and Ian are good little buddies. They both have some serious morning hair going on too.
Thanks mom and dad for such a fun and wonderful time. We really enjoy getting together and making fun memories. It was a wonderful getaway and we really loved it. Oh and thanks Holly for letting me steal a few pictures.

Officially Nephi Residents

We went to the Ute Stampede in Nephi so we are now officially Nephi residents. Nephi's biggest event of the year is the Ute Stampede. They have three different parades and bring in a giant carnival. Carter's favorite part were the horses and the motorcycle half time show. I think we might have to make it a family tradition.Enjoying the rodeo.

Carter makes an adorable little cowboy.
My cute cousin Amber and her husband Dallin enjoying the rodeo. Amber is going to be a mom of a cute curly haired little boy in the near future and we are so excited for her.Carter telling Nanna Bonnie all about the rodeo.

Fun things I didn't have my camera for...

We had a wonderful day celebrating the fourth of July with our family. We went to Gunnison and enjoyed some fun fireworks the night of the third and then got up early for the Fourth of July. Carter was lucky to have both of his grandparents there. We watched the parade in the HOT sun. Carter loved the fact that people were throwing candy at him. He couldn't gather it fast enough. His cousin Collin was really cute when picking up candy he would only pick up things that he thought would taste good. We then went to the park to enjoy some games and good food. I love going to small town Fourth of July Celebrations they are the best. We came home that night to enjoy the Nephi fireworks. We wrapped up in a blanket out on the balcony with some snacks ready for the fireworks but instead watched a lighting storm and enjoyed the cool summer rain. It was even more fun than the firework.

Sunny afternoon at Lagoon
Brett and I took Carter to Grandma's and went on a date to Lagoon. We meet Brett's family there. It was so fun to enjoy Lagoonabeach the rides and getting together with family. We had so much fun ridding all the rides. I can't say all the rides. Brett buddied up with Kipp for the Samari and a few other crazy ones I probably couldn't make it through without loosing my lunch. It was a fun time.

Fourwheeler ride up Springville Canyon. It was a perfect day for a fourwheeler ride up the mountain and it was such beautiful ride. We went together with Brent & Candi, Amber & Dallin, Brittany, Clark and his kids and mom and dad. We went to the top of the mountain where you could see for miles. It was a fun ride that even had a water fight at the summit. We then drove to Strawberry. It was a long ride and a fun chance to hug my husband for a good long while. Thanks Brent and Candy for a fun ride.

I'll see if I can round up some pictures from all the fun times. I need to get better at taking my camera with me.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Splish Splash

Some of our fun pool parties so far this year!  

Ahhh Refreshing......

South Ogden Days

When we lived in Ogden we would always go to South Ogden Days.  One of the funnest cheapest concerts out there.  Since we moved I have really missed going  but this year we met up with some of our old friends and had so much fun!  We spread out the blankets, break out the food, and enjoy the music and awesome fire works show afterword. 

  Carter and Callie.  Codie Jo and I have a plan to meet together every summer in hopes that we can encourage a future romance.  (we can hope)  Callie is absolutly adorable.  She and Carter had so much fun playing together. 

Codie Jo and Callie

Casey and Shaunie (ahh how cute)