Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Eggs

What is more fun than a wide open grassy field full of Candy and Plastic Eggs? In a two year old's opinion NOTHING! We went to the Nephi town Easter Egg Hunt an had a great time Gathering Eggs and meeting the Easter Bunny.

Showing me his bucket full of treats.

Carter and the Easter Bunny

Carter's first adventure in coloring Easter Eggs. He did very good. I was afraid he was going to spill but he was very careful. Thank Heavens!!!

The Final Product!

Happy St Patrick's Day

We had a very fun St Patrick's Day. We had a great breakfast of Green Pancakes with strawberries and Whip Cream. Carter wasn't sure about eating Green Pancakes but after one bite he decided that they were great. Later during the day we had a special present at our front door from our Friendly Leprechaun. It was a sack of cookies and Green Balloons.

Perfect Day at the Zoo

We had such a perfect day at the Zoo. We went on a Monday Morning and basically had the zoo to ourselves. The animals were very active and playful. We meet my college room-mate Missy and her adorable kids at the zoo. It was a perfect day.

Brett and Carter checking out the Baby Elephant

Carter and Alisa in front of the Baby Giraffe

I think they "Measure up" quite well

What a great day. Carter loved it. I will definitely go during the winter or Spring again.

April Fools Day Confession

Ok so I better confess. I ended going in to the Doctor for a routine checkup and he couldn't find the heart-beat so he scheduled me for a quick ultrasound to check. We found the baby just fine and the ultrasound technician was so much fun. She was more than willing to help me make a Twin Ultrasound. It turned out perfect. We had a great day "April Fooling" our friends and family. So just one bundle of joy for us. But Happy April Fools day everyone.


I went in for a regular checkup today. The Doctor was having a hard time finding the heartbeat so he sent me down to get an ultrasound. Look what we found!