Thursday, August 20, 2009

Goodbye and Welcome Home

Called to serve!

Cody just returned home from New York where he was an awesome missionary and did a wonderful job. We were able to enjoy some awesome stories. We are so glad to have you home. You are such a great guy Cody. We all know you are going to go on to incredible things in your life.

I can't believe my LITTLE (he actually is huge with size 16 feet) cousin Tyler is headed on a mission. He going to Serve in Santiago Chilie. Tyler is an amazing person. He will do a wonderful job. We will miss you so much. I think your little sisters are going to have a hard time with out you. We are so proud of you. I know you will Return with Honor.

Happy to you!!! (Carter's way of saying Happy Birthday)

Happy Birthday Carter!!! We love you so much. Some of the things that Carter LOVES right now are Tractors of any kind. His grandparents and cousins. Playing with his friends. Elmo and anything Elmo. Ice Cream every time we ask him what he wants to eat it's always Ice Cream. He love balloons, story books, and airplanes. You are a wonderful part of our family. We love your happy smile and sweet laugh. We look forward to all the wonderful memories we will get to make with you.
Carter LOVES his cake!

Lincoln's a ROCKSTAR

Grandpa Bob almost shared a Birthday with Carter. Happy Birthday to you to dad we love you.