Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pirate Party ARRGH

Alison threw Collin a great Birthday Party it was a Pirate themed Birthday.

Happy 5th Birthday Collin! You are getting so big!

Collin attacking the pirate chest.

Getting their Pirate loot

Grandma and Carter in an intense sword fight!

Carter loves a good cup cakes especially the frosting.
He had a really cute pirate shirt under his jacket and he was the cutest little pirate.

Father's Day

" We never know the love of our parents for us till we have become parents."
~Henry Ward

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Husband. You are such a great dad to our little boy. I love watching you to play at the park, read stories together and seeing how excited Carter is to see you every day. I am glad that I married such a sweet guy that is so considerate and kind and fun to be around. I look forward to all the fun years in the future.
To Carter's Amazing Grandpas. He is the luckiest grand kid in the world. You both are such wonderful men. We love spending time with you and love you so much. Thanks for all that you have done for us. Happy Fathers Day!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rain Rain GO AWAY!

Wow what a spring.  It has rained every day for a week.  I love watching and listening to the rain and I never want to take it for granted but we could sure use a chance to dry out.   We have been trying to go to the park in between rainstorms and it has always been super soggy.  One big plus from the rain is the AMAZING rainbows we have had!

Happy Birthday Jeremy and Collin

Happy Birthday to Jeremy and Collin.  We celebrated Jeremy and Collin's birthday in Logan!  We all drove up together and went to Jeremy and Vanessa's house.  Vanessa had it all decked out for Jeremy's birthday.  They are such a cute couple.  We let the kids play on the playground and even Grandpa LaRell ( I wish I had my camera for that).  We had a great dinner and then headed home.  Thanks for being born Jeremy and Collin it was a great day!

Day at the Zoo

Brett had the day off and we thought it would be a great day to visit the zoo.  We meet Stacey and Lincoln there the boys really liked the monkeys and rhino's but Carter's favorite was probably the birds.  He has really been into birds lately and loved getting up close to so many.  We took Carter on the carousel and he was really nervous at first but we ended up having to drag him off at the end because he liked it so much.  After the zoo we headed over to Jordan and Stacey's house to let the boys play and I think that was Carter's favorite part.  They  had so much fun chasing each other all around the house.  Thanks Stacey for letting them run all over your house!  They have so much fun together.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Spring Pictures by Holly

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Class of 2009 Congratulations Casey!

Congratulations Casey! Casey graduated High school and we are all so proud of him. Honestly I think a few people had some bets if he would make it through High school alive and surprisingly he did. He has really grown into an awesome person. He is a great big brother and a terrific uncle. Carter really likes being around him and I am thankful that Carter has a positive role model like Casey in his life. Casey is headed off to Snow College for a semester and then can’t wait to go on a mission. We are so excited for your future and we know it will be a great one!

Sorry about the confusion...

My last blog wasn't working at all.  I think I messed up the html code when I was trying to change the layout.   I'm still really new at this but my layout button complete vanished!  I could change much on my blog.  Sorry about the confusion.  Thanks for putting up with me! I'm still learning!